Spring Fun!

We were away for a large part of February on a sort of family reunion with the Thorpe whanau. The in-laws took us all on a cruise, and it was fabulous! One of the great, but unexpected, outcomes of the trip was all the art! Steve and I found ourselves once again steeped in the art world. It rekindled some of the forgotten passion we had let slip, and Steve is eager to get back to painting. There's no shortage of inspiration for him! 

Just a quick update for what's going on this Spring. We are gearing up for LAST- the studio tour in Llano. There will be lots of great offerings on the day, and all weekend long from our local artists. We'll have our studio open on Saturday with lots of yummy munchies and, of course, art! Come for a lovely drive through the country- the bluebonnets are already blooming- and see where we create. 

We're also planning to submit some art to the Spring Fling art competition in Llano. I'll get more information on here and on our Facebook page as soon as I know a bit more. 

Create something beautiful every day, even if it's just for you.