Pikorua and Koru


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Stunning, yet elegantly simple, this will become a favorite necklace. Hand carved from ethically obtained giraffe bone. 

Traditional Maori meaning behind the carving: Pikorua- The twisted shape refers to the emerging paths of people. They are symbolic of the "three baskets of knowledge," which the creator god, Tane, brought down from the heavens to allow humankind to flourish. 

Single twist- This is a symbol for friendship, love, loyalty. It refers to two individuals who, although sometimes take separate paths, they will always be connected and return to each other. 

Koru (spiral)- "Koru" in Maori directly translates to "loop." It refers to the unfurling new fern leaves and is symbolic for new life, new beginnings, hope, perfection, rebirth, awakening, personal growth, purity, and peace. 

Pendant measures approximately 3 inches long. 

Cord measures approximately 20 inches long.